We’ve made the effort to reach out on social media, raising awareness of UXO and our fight for a safer world. Imagine our delight as engagement increased, with an incredible number of social media followers investing in our exploits. This culminated in 3,000 followers on LinkedIn, a real cause for celebration, so we invite them to look back with triumph and pride on what we’ve achieved and shared this year.

Going Carbon Neutral

It’s a real pleasure to be able to share good news with our social media followers, especially when we feel it conveys something of who we are at Brimstone. In June we announced that we’d become carbon neutral, following a whole year of collaboration with Carbon Neutral Britain, a company dedicated to reducing emissions. Our enthusiasm for reducing our footprint is also professional – not only are we fighting for wildlife and habitats, but we’re also fighting for communities at risk from unexploded ordnance; floods and landslides caused by climate change can move or trigger buried munitions.

Carbon Neutral Britain monitored our emissions and then helped introduce measures to reduce them before we then invested in their projects. From reforestation in Nicaragua to converting rice husks into biofuel in Cambodia, we helped to fund projects that offset the damaging CO2 cluttering up the atmosphere. The projects also contributed toward healing communities and fighting unjust social systems – you can read more about it on our blog!

Our Global Efforts

We’re proud of our connection with our social media followers, but we know a social post is not the end goal. Our activities are numerous, including a new long-term project in Israel, delivering quality assurance in conjunction with The HALO Trust.

HALO deploys teams all around the world, seeking to end the UXO contamination that continues to endanger civilians. They also have a calling to end poverty and help vulnerable communities achieve stability, creating jobs for de-miners and planning ahead for sustainable development. Brimstone is proud to provide advanced explosive engineers to ensure all clearance is carried out to the highest standards, battling against contamination while protecting the health and safety of all of their dedicated operatives.

Social media followers

Raising Awareness Via Our Social Media Followers

UXO continues to be a great danger in the UK, but thanks to our social media followers we’ve been able to raise awareness for the constant activity that makes our sites a safer place.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have all provided a great place to announce our initiatives, such as the Brimstone UXO Awareness Course. This pioneering programme welcomed people from various sectors, using certified material to educate them on the UXO that might hinder their work. We also engaged with our social media followers by posting about International Day of Mine Awareness, commemorating the global efforts to turn minefields into playing fields. Our blog posts offer a particularly poignant perspective on these efforts, exploring the hazardous situation in Ukraine.

The sheer amount of contamination can be overwhelming, but we’re eliminating these threats bit by bit in the UK and abroad, with our social media followers by our side. Thank you.

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We’re so pleased by your ongoing interest and support in the world of UXO! If you have any questions or want to hear more about our services, visit our website or contact us on 020 7117 2492.