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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment (CSRC)

Brimstone is committed to taking our corporate social responsibilities seriously.

The goal is simple – to demonstrate sustainable business practices and to create an environment in which our people feel empowered to make a difference.

From offsetting our carbon footprint, to enabling our team to carry out charitable work for causes close to their hearts, to partnering with sustainable suppliers. We are dedicated to improving our environment for generations to come.

Brimstone’s work is not about sporadic charitable initiatives, nor is it an exercise we complete to simply check it off a list. It’s our attempt to exist in today’s corporate world with a sense of pride holding close our values of Integrity, Professionalism, and Knowledge and ensuring we have a positive impact on our environment and about driving change into our communities.

Our internal CSRC pioneers these efforts and we look forward to making each year our most charitable yet.

Children playing football

NAR Community Football_

Grassroots football could be seen as the backbone of the game. Brimstone is proud to have sponsored 100 children for 6 weeks with NAR Community Football.

Providing 100 spaces for children aged 3-11, Brimstone is keen to give back to the local community. Youngsters playing the beautiful game will learn, teamwork, discipline, and respect amongst other key values and standards.

With Brimstone sponsoring 100 free spaces for the children, the spare change in the parent’s pockets then finds its way into the NAR Community Football chosen charity buckets – Mind and English Amputee Football Association (EAFA). So far over £1,000 has been raised for Mind and EAFA whilst the budding young footballers take to the field.

“Live, Move, Fight.”_

With Brimstone being led by a former Sapper Officer, live, move, and fight has been engrained into the company ethos from day one. This ethos spurred Brimstone to sponsor the local Krav Maga Academy’s fund raiser for a fully automatic defibrillator.

As the foremost Krav Maga Academy in South East England, delivering high quality, effective self-defence and fitness to 100’s of students (adults and children) at times raises the heartrate. To manage any potential situations in the future, the academy wanted to enhance its first aid equipment and identified a defibrillator as a key component to that upgrade. Under Brimstone’s CSRC, the company donated a Powerheart AED fully auto defibrillator and paediatric pads, this donation allowed the academy to use other donated funds to upgrade their self-defence and fitness equipment.

Krav maga
Brimstone are a carbon neutral company

A Carbon Neutral Organisation_

Our world is changing at a faster pace than ever before, which is why we are putting sustainability at the heart of our organisation.

We have worked with Carbon Neutral Britain to reduce and offset our carbon footprint. This involved monitoring our emissions and introducing new measures to reduce them. Once we’d shrunk our footprint, we invested in the initiative’s climate projects, which included wind farms in the Philippines, hydro power plants in Chile, and rice husk power projects in Cambodia.

Increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are the biggest cause of global warming on our planet. At Brimstone, we are proud to be doing our part to tackle the climate crisis and we will continue to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and adopt more sustainable business practices.

Supporting the Felix Fund_

Supporting those who have served our country is at the core of our business, with many of our employees having joined us after leaving the military.

Bomb disposal and search personnel deal with highly pressured situations, and continued exposure to intense stress can lead to lasting effects, both mental and physical. The Felix Fund is a bomb disposal charity set up to help personnel from any military or police unit who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search duties by providing welfare support and financial assistance in times of need. The charity cares for serving personnel, veterans and their dependent family members.

Brimstone is proud to support the Felix Fund through ongoing referrals and donations.

Felix fund
Sapper rugby

Sapper Rugby_

Sponsoring Army Rugby, Mens Union/League inc. Ladies

Gillingham anchorians rugby

Gillingham Anchorians

Local Community

Carbon neutral britain certified business

Carbon Neutral_

Certified Carbon Neutral by Carbon Neutral Britain

Watlington logo

Watlington U14 Football_

Sponsoring the Watlington U14 girls team