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Uxo disposal

UXO Disposal_

We are equipped with a license to acquire and keep explosives in two counties and hold a 250kg explosive magazine for nationwide UXO disposal tasks. We can carry out high and low order demolition techniques in complex environments to tackle all explosive ordnance contamination projects.

Uxo disposal

Explosive Demolition_

We are one of very few UXO contractors in the UK with a police ‘acquire and keep’ licence. This means we can purchase serviceable explosives and store them in our magazine. We carry out short-notice demolitions across the UK, including the destruction of time-expired pyrotechnics and out of tolerance explosive products.

In 2019-2020 we carried out over 100 explosive demolitions, safely destroying over 3,500 items of UXO. 2022 stood out to be our busiest year yet, with the long-term clearance of thousands of items of UXO at former air weapons range, RAF Cowden.

Our mobile magazine has a 250kg capacity, is off-grid, fully licensed and mobile. Integrated into a 20ft ISO container, we can readily deploy to sites across the UK using conventional means of transport.

This UXO disposal method uses plastic explosives and electric or non-electric firing systems to cause a controlled detonation. The use of protective works and calculation of safety distances ensure people and infrastructure are kept safe throughout the process.

Low order UXO disposal uses bleeding-edge techniques to cause high explosives to deflagrate rather than detonate. Cutting chargers, shaped charges and thermal lances destroy the UXO without an explosion, reducing the environmental impact and protecting infrastructure.

Uxo disposal by brimstone

Disposal and Transportation_

Brimstone offers specialist demilitarisation service on consultation, including the safe removal, transportation, and end of life treatment of a range of munitions, including high explosives, time-expired pyrotechnics (TEPs), and small arms ammunitions.

Through our partners we can provide the safe transportation of UXO and other explosive or pyrotechnic natures in specialist demolition chambers, legal on UK roads and compliant to ADR regulations.