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Non-intrusive uxo survey

Non-Intrusive UXO Survey_

Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys can safely detect shallow buried unexploded ordnance without having to disturb the ground.

At Brimstone UXO, we leverage advanced technologies and methodologies to conduct thorough, reliable surveys, that are both accurate and non-invasive.

Pushcart non-intrusive uxo survey

What is a Non-Intrusive UXO Survey_

A Non-Intrusive UXO Survey detects shallow buried ferrous objects that could be unexploded ordnance. This crucial step in the pre-construction phase helps ensure the safety of groundworks by assessing and mitigating the risk of encountering UXO.

This UXO surveying method is ideal for greenfield sites or areas where ground disturbance must be minimised, and is particularly effective at pinpointing Land Service Ammunition items, such as projectiles, grenades and mortars.

As sites have varying requirements due to previous land use, accessibility, and soil depth, we collaborate closely with clients to determine the most suitable UXO surveying method, aligning with project budgets and time constraints.

Drone non-intrusive uxo survey

How we conduct our Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys_

At Brimstone we offer three types of Non-Intrusive UXO Survey, which enable us to survey down to an assured depth of 4 metres, with slightly greater depths possible for large ordnance.

A pushcart UXO survey is carried out by a specialist two-person team and involves manually pushing our surveying equipment over an area of land. Our five-channel system detects ferro-magnetic anomalies below the surface and is suitable for small to medium sized areas.

A towed-array UXO survey is suitable for large areas and involves a specialist two-person team towing the surveying equipment behind an all-terrain vehicle. The eight-channel system detects ferro-magnetic anomalies below the surface, and due to its wider sensor array, increases time efficiency without detriment to resolution or quality.

A drone UXO survey is ideal for areas where a pushcart or towed-array system cannot reach. We have equipped our drone fleet with LiDAR, photogrammetry and magnetometry systems, enabling them to identify ferro-magnetic anomalies below the surface that could be items of ordnance.

Brimstone was the first company to market UXO drone surveys both in the UK and internationally. Our systems routinely deliver superior coverage, surveying up to five times as many hectares in a single day compared to the push-cart system.

Non-intrusive uxo survey

Benefits of a Non-Intrusive UXO Survey_

Using advanced technologies, our Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys provide numerous benefits, ensuring safety, compliance, and minimal environmental impacts:

By identifying potential UXO hazards before any intrusive work starts on your site, you can ensure the safety of your team and the wider public.

There isn’t any legislation in the UK outlining the steps you must take to check for UXO before beginning construction work. There are however legal obligations to ensure the safety of your employees.

There is also CIRIA C681, an industry guide for the management of risk associated with UXO. The guidance is split into four sections: Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment, Detailed UXO Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation and Implementation. We always recommend our clients follow the CIRIA C681 guidance, which enables you to reduce the risk of an unexpected UXO encounter.

A Non-Intrusive UXO Survey is ideal for land that requires minimal disturbance. This method doesn’t require ground intrusions, and thanks to our drone we can even survey areas without ever having stepped foot on them. We’ve found this incredibly useful on sites that feature crop fields or have high water tables for example. This approach reduces the impact on the environment while ensuring maximum safety.

Magnetic field false colour map from non-intrusive uxo survey

What happens if a suspicious item is identified_

Once the Non-Intrusive UXO Survey is complete, the collected data is processed by our in-house geophysics team at our Head Office. Multiple steps are taken to reduce noise and improve the survey data, before a magnetic field false colour map is generated. This highlights any ferrous anomalies, which are then compared to a bank of known UXO signals using our specialist computer model. Our team will make estimations of the depths and mass for any suspect items, along with their location in coordinates accurate to 5 centimetres.

If our team identify targets that require further investigation, we will recommend that our engineering team is deployed back to your site to carry out a target investigation. We will also recommend that for the safety of your team, no intrusive works should start on the site until our investigation has been carried out.

If no anomalies are identified, and there are no further recommendations for UXO risk mitigation, you will be issued a UXO ALARP certificate and can continue with your planned works.

Brimstone mountain vector with dots

Order a Non-Intrusive UXO Survey_

Ensuring the safety and smooth progression of your project is paramount. By booking a Non-Intrusive UXO Survey with Brimstone UXO, you can be reassured that you’ll receive an accurate, reliable service that is tailored to your site’s unique needs.

When you book your survey, our Commercial Team will request a few key pieces of information from you so we can fully understand your requirements and site characteristics. This will include the site location, a redline boundary and details of your proposed works.

Don’t leave safety to chance. Contact us today to schedule your Non-Intrusive UXO Survey.