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UXO Borehole Support_

At Brimstone UXO, we specialise in ensuring the safety and efficiency of borehole drilling operations through comprehensive UXO Borehole Support.

This is one of our most popular service offerings, accounting for over 50% of our work. You can trust that your borehole works will be in safe hands with a Brimstone engineer on site.

Uxo borehole support

What is UXO Borehole Support_

UXO Borehole Support is where one of our UXO engineers uses a down-hole probe to clear borehole positions as they get progressively deeper. At Brimstone we can support the use of cable-percussive, rotary, window and windowless samplers and other drilling methods to ensure that all operatives are kept safe from unexploded ordnance.

This service is sometimes referred to as a down-hole magnetometer survey, and is essential on sites where borehole drilling is taking place on land with an identified UXO risk.

Uxo borehole support

How we deliver our UXO Borehole Support_

We are highly experienced in supporting borehole and drilling projects at Brimstone UXO, with this service accounting for over 50% of our deployments each month:

Prior to the borehole drilling commencing, our UXO engineer will scan a shallow hand-dug pit to provide clearance for the first metre of drilling.

Once the first metre has been cleared by our engineer, you will be able to drill the first metre of the borehole. After this, the engineer will lower the magnetometer probe to the bottom of the borehole and will test the next metre for any magnetic signatures. Once cleared, you are free to drill the next metre. We will continue this process, scanning and drilling at 1 metre intervals until we reach the calculated maximum bomb penetration depth of 12 metres.

The magnetometer probe which is lowered into the borehole on a cable extension can detect magnetic signatures that could be unexploded ordnance within a 1 metre radius. Our engineer will be looking for these readings each time they probe the bottom of the borehole.

Once we reach the maximum bomb penetration depth, you will be able to continue the borehole drilling for that specific position without our support. We will work with your drilling team to support the drilling of all boreholes on your project site, before providing you with a report outlining the results of our work.

Uxo borehole support

Benefits of UXO Borehole Support_

Ensuring safety and efficiency in your borehole drilling operations is critical. Brimstone UXO can ensure UXO risks are identified quickly and safely:

By clearing the borehole positions before drilling takes place, you can protect your team from striking an unexploded device, something that could have catastrophic consequences.

At Brimstone we are proud to utilise advanced technologies to manage UXO risks effectively. Our specialist equipment paired with experienced UXO engineers ensures you are in safe hands.

Currently there isn’t any legislation in the UK outlining the steps you must take to check for UXO before construction work. There are, however, legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 to ensure the safety of your employees.

There is also CIRIA C681, an industry guide for the management of risks associated with unexploded ordnance. The guidance is split into four sections: Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment, Detailed UXO Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation and Implementation. We always recommend our clients follow the CIRIA C681 guidance, which enables you to reduce the risk of an unexpected UXO encounter.

By working in conjunction with your drilling team and their timelines, we ensure project continuity and keep projects moving along smoothly.

Drilling rig

What happens if an anomaly is found_

If our down-hole probe picks up a reading that indicates potential UXO presence, we will abort the borehole drilling. This is for the safety of everyone on site. Our team will then work closely with you to decide the best course of action.

Depending on the site characteristics and your proposed works, we will try to move the borehole to a new position that is close to your original position, but far enough away from where we picked up a reading.

If moving the borehole isn’t possible, we can organise for a Target Investigation to be carried out. This will involve us deploying a team to site to safely excavate and identify the item.

Brimstone mountain vector with dots

Order UXO Borehole Support_

Don’t take chances with unexploded ordnance. Our experienced engineers and advanced equipment provide thorough clearance and continuous monitoring to protect your team and the wider public from the dangers of UXO.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs and get booked in.