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Drone Tech

Drone Technology_

Trailblazers in the application of drone technology in the UXO and security sectors. Proving the concept in the 2017 Army Warfighting Experiment, we have gone on to survey hundreds of hectares of land using our modified off the shelf drone capability.

aerial uxo survey

UAV Capability_

JUNO is a modified off-the-shelf UAV. Resistant to rain, wind and hot climates, JUNO is equipped to deliver surveying and detection solutions in tough to access environments.

Carrying payloads of up to 8kg, JUNO is a modular platform for sensors, detectors and effectors. Applications include UXO magnetometry, radiation detection, photogrammetry and LIDAR.

Using programmable waypoints, RTK GPS quality, a laser altimeter and autonomous operation, JUNO moves with undulations via determined flight paths to provide a faster, more cost-effective surveying methodology. We think it looks pretty cool too.

Max Speed: 50mph

Climb Rate: 2m/s 

Max Altitude: 5000ft

Operating Temp: 0-35 degrees

Flight Time (With recommended batteries) 

No payload: 40 mins 

5kgs payload: 25 min 

8kgs payload: 18 mins 

Flight time estimates are subject to usual factors that affect flight time