A diverse range of specialists, speakers and exhibitors gathered in July for Geotechnica, a hub of activity, education and networking for the geotechnical industry. This event celebrates the progress made by numerous different sectors as they work towards safe, efficient and sustainable geoengineering, as well as offering talks, live demonstrations and discussions on the latest hot topics.

Here, amidst drillers, earth scientists and academics, we exhibited the services and advanced techniques of Brimstone UXO.

Defining Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering covers a wealth of specialisms, but, at a general level, it involves studying the characteristics of soil and rock and applying technology to protect and improve society.

Much of geotechnical engineering focuses on infrastructure by making sure the ground is stable. Industry services include everything from transportation to geology, exploring tunnelling, and geohazards such as mudslides or land collapse. There’s even a branch for earthquake engineering, reviewing, and adapting construction so that it can effectively withstand tremors and quakes.

Without these services, even the most basic elements of modern life would be under threat, just as Brimstone’s UXO mitigation is vital for protecting people from unexploded ordnance.

Geotechnica Exhibitors Of 2022

We exhibited our range of expert services at Geotechnica, from investigating sites to actual bomb disposal. With multiple options for assessment, surveys, investigation and disposal, we enable our fellow geotechnical experts to execute their projects confidently and without the threat of unexploded devices.

The displays and exhibitions covered a number of intriguing specialties, from consulting firms and ground engineers to land consultancy. Pressure meter testing, ground stabilisers and suppliers of compressed air all relayed the significance of their work, alongside their newest measures and most up-to-date technology.

There were also companies which elaborated on the environmental impact of the geotechnical world, with one exhibitor being a world leader in satellite-based infrastructure intelligence. The company gathered hard data from detailed satellite imagery, which they then passed on to a ground team. They then used the findings to source water and energy-saving solutions!

At a time where the planet is experiencing extreme stress, the geotechnical industry is stepping up to the mark to create alternatives, keeping civilisation moving forward in a climate-conscious and sustainable way.

Geotechnical Talks

Geotechnica is also a hub of shared information that spurs the industry on to a higher standard of excellence. The event played host to AGS and their annual conference, bringing together experts and academics to discuss current and future challenges.

In addition to the Geotechnica SHE Conference, exploring the health, safety and environmental dimensions to geotechnical work, we heard talks on landslides and climate change, the danger of coal mine gas emissions, risk management in the face of uncertainty, and how to create a safer workplace by more openly discussing mental health issues.

The connections, ideas and information gained from Geotechnica has been invaluable, preparing us for the innovations and challenges the next year will bring as we continue to remove unexploded ordnance in the UK and around the world.

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