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Deep Learning_

With the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are enhancing the technological prowess of our UXO surveying capabilities. Our Deep Learning programme will enable us to provide more detailed and precise survey data in a fraction of the time, setting a new industry standard and revolutionising UXO surveying and detection.

Mosaic for uxo detection

MOSAIC: Revolutionising UXO Detection with Artificial Intelligence_

MOSAIC is our cutting-edge artificial intelligence software designed to transform the field of UXO detection. Over the past few years, we have devoted our expertise to developing this ground-breaking solution that offers unprecedented benefits to our clients and revolutionises the unexploded ordnance and security sectors.

Traditionally, the process of UXO identification has been time-consuming, with data processing taking days or even weeks to complete. With MOSAIC, however, this paradigm is radically altered.

Our software will enable instant analysis of raw data, empowering you to obtain desirable information in near real-time. As a result, MOSAIC can solve the ‘processing time’ limitation of conventional methods without compromising on accuracy.

MOSAIC uses real field data, which is denoised using an artificial neural network and computer vision algorithm to identify the magnetic anomalies within the data, effectively pinpointing potential UXO locations at an accelerated rate.

Furthermore, MOSAIC employs AI data enhancement techniques, continuously learning and adapting to improve its performance over time. This dynamic learning system ensures that your UXO detection process becomes increasingly accurate and refined with each use.

At Brimstone, we firmly believe in harnessing the power of AI to create a better and safer world. By turning to AI as the cornerstone of UXO identification, we are pioneering a new era of swifter and more accurate detection. With MOSAIC, you will be able to count on our specialised software to provide unparalleled results, setting new industry standards and ensuring the safety of your projects and personnel.

As more field data feeds into our system, our machine learning algorithms continually evolve, making the entire detection process progressively more efficient. Furthermore, the system is compatible with data from any mode of acquisition used for magnetic, electromagnetic, or related fields. This opens a world of possibilities for MOSAIC.

We are focussing on developing this innovative software to bring to market, with the goal of creating a better, safer world for everyone. Keep an eye on our website for further updates coming soon.

Topography background

Machine Learning Combined With Artificial Intelligence_

Deep learning at Brimstone is a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, applied to the UXO, EOD and security sectors at home and abroad.

Dr Sumana Basu leads our deep learning capability development, in applying her PhD in geophysics and other expertise in machine learning algorithms. Her team is equipped with SAM 1152 (System for Advanced Machine Learning) and a homage to HAL 9000.  

SAM features a 64-core processor, 256GB of RAM and a GPU with 48GB of RAM and 1,152 Tensor Cores, along with 4TB of NVMe storage and a further 16TB of hard drive capacity. It’s safe to say we like technology at Brimstone, we’ve even developed an AI virtual receptionist. 

We currently are training an advanced model to differentiate between UXO and non-UXO hazards. We do this by carrying out our non-intrusive UXO survey and later passing the data through the model which drastically narrows down our investigation requirements and reduces client costs.

The applications for this burgeoning technology are far and wide. Brimstone is pairing our facial recognition software with our UAV platform JUNO with SEE_THRU, amongst other ongoing R&D projects.

Machine learning combined with ai at brimstone uxo for deep learning