UXO Investigation

Following a non-intrusive, intrusive, or hybrid survey, a number of ferrous anomalies may fall within the parameters of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and require remediation. When needed, Brimstone Site Investigation will provide the client with a UXO target investigation strategy and recommendations on how to proceed.

When investigating potential targets of UXO, Brimstone Site Investigation will always have a competent and qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineer on site and an Advanced EOD Operator on call. With decades of EOD and UXO mitigation experience within Brimstone Site Investigation we can provide absolute confidence.

During the Investigation phase of works, Brimstone Site Investigation will liaise closely to the client to create a bespoke UXO investigation strategy, with a good understanding of the client’s needs Brimstone Site Investigation will provide an investigation methodology based on:

Site conditions

  • Access and egress, noise restrictions, land covenants, etc.

Subsurface strata conditions

  • Type of conditions to be expected, post war rubble, geology, etc.

UXO Management of Risk

  • Sample based, or
  • As Low As Reasonably Practicable.
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Brimstone armoured cab for excavating dangerous items

In addition, and throughout the Investigation phase, BRIMSTONE SITE INVESTIGATION will proactively evaluate the risk cycle by continually seeking to:
investigation phase Investigate

Operating under this handrail allows Brimstone Site Investigation to provide you with confidence that we will reduce the UXO risk on your site, and as mentioned previously, for absolute confidence a Brimstone Site Investigation Advanced EOD Operator is only a phone call away.