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Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment_

Preliminary UXO Risk Assessments are crucial in identifying potential unexploded ordnance risks on your project site early in the planning process. At Brimstone UXO, we leverage our extensive expertise to deliver thorough and reliable assessments, ensuring safety and best practice from the outset.

With a 24 to 48-hour turnaround, our Preliminary UXO Risk Assessments are the most cost-effective and fastest way of determining or discounting UXO risks for your site.

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What is a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment_

A Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment involves the initial evaluation of a site to identify the likelihood of discovering unexploded ordnance. Completed by our experienced researchers, we investigate any enemy action or military activity on or near your land. The information gathered is then used to determine if further, more in-depth research is required.

Sometimes referred to as a Stage 1 Risk Assessment or a PRA, this assessment is usually the first step for construction and development projects that are looking to mitigate the risk of UXO.

The risk assessment should be undertaken during the project planning stage and before any ground intrusions take place.

(While this type of assessment is suitable for most projects, if you already know your project is on active or former military land, you’ll need a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment.)

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How we create our bespoke UXO reports_

At Brimstone, we tailor our risk assessments to meet the specific needs of our clients:

Our research team have spent the last eight years refining our processes and perfecting our risk assessments to ensure we exceed client expectations. Our researchers are passionate about historical research and all hold degrees in related fields.

We use a range of primary and secondary sources to inform our risk ratings. These include bomb maps, damage maps, written records, aerial photography, and OS mapping to name just a few examples.

Once our team has gathered the relevant records for a site, they start assessing the likelihood and potential impact of UXO presence. At the preliminary stage, our team aims to establish if there is a potential UXO risk and if there is evidence to support the requirement for a more detailed analysis.

We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, accuracy, and reliability. To ensure this, every risk assessment undergoes an internal quality assurance check before being issued to our client.

Once the risk assessment has been completed, we will provide a bespoke report that outlines our findings and recommendations. As the purpose of a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment is to determine whether further research is needed, the report will outline if this is required or not.

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Benefits of Preliminary UXO Risk Assessments_

A Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment offers significant advantages for many project sites. These assessments are crucial in ensuring safety, compliance, and cost efficiency, providing you with peace of mind to proceed confidently:

While many sites in the UK are classed as low risk, UXO contamination can be found across the country, including in areas you might not expect! Having a UXO risk assessment conducted on your site minimises the risk of harm to your personnel and the wider public.

Currently there isn’t any legislation in the UK defining the steps you must take to check for UXO before beginning construction work, however, there are legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 to ensure the safety of employees.

There is also CIRIA C681, the industry guide for the management of risk associated with UXO. It is split into four sections: Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment, Detailed UXO Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation and Implementation. We always recommend clients follow the CIRIA C681 guidance, which enables you to reduce the risk of an unexpected UXO encounter.

Identifying or discounting UXO risks on your site early in the planning process can prevent unexpected, costly delays from disrupting your project further down the line.

Example of imagery used in a uxo risk assessment.

What happens with the risk assessment results_

Once the UXO risk assessment has been completed, we provide our clients with a bespoke report outlining the findings and any recommended further action. At the preliminary stage, this is usually a 2 to 4-page document.

As the purpose of a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment is to determine whether further research is needed via the completion of a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment, the report will outline if this is required or not and why.

For many UK sites, a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment is all that will be needed. However, if we recommend that a Detailed Risk Assessment is necessary, the cost of your Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment will be deducted from the overall cost.

If the UXO risk assessment deems your site as low risk, there may be no further recommendations for UXO risk mitigation, allowing you to proceed with the confidence that you have mitigated the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.

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Order a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment_

Ensuring the safety and success of your project begins with a thorough and professional assessment of potential UXO risks. At Brimstone UXO, our streamlined process ensures you receive your Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment within 24 to 48-hours, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Our Commercial Team will request a few key pieces of information from you when you order your risk assessment in order for us to fully understand your requirements. This will include the site location, a redline boundary and details of your proposed works. This allows us to tailor our risk assessment specifically to your site and programme of work.

Don’t leave safety to chance. Click the button below to order your Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment and take the first step in safeguarding your project.