The world that Brimstone works to protect is threatened by a phenomenon that on the surface appears to be out of our control. Climate change is ratcheting up the temperature and randomising the weather patterns, which could prevent or even undermine vital UXO mitigation work and endanger people, projects and wildlife. As emissions are the primary cause of global warming and by extension climate change, we decided to commit to reducing and offsetting its carbon footprint in any way possible.

Now, as of June 2022, we are proud to announce that we’re a carbon-neutral company!

Climate Change And The Threat To Munitions

As global warming intensifies, the climate shifts and weather patterns become increasingly hazardous. For example, increased rainfall can cause flooding and landslides, displacing buried UXBs and recontaminating a separate area. There is also the possibility of people being forced to relocate to uncleared land, whilst exceptionally high temperatures can undercut the structure of munitions and potentially cause them to explode! Not to mention that extreme conditions can prevent our counterparts in warmer climates from doing their crucial work. 

We knew we had to do something about our carbon footprint to reduce this kind of risk, given the correlation between our emissions and the climate crisis, which is how our off-setting journey began.

Carbon neutral company

How We Became A Carbon Neutral Company

In late 2021 we engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain™, a leading initiative that investigates, reduces and offsets the carbon footprint of individuals and companies. 

Firstly, they monitored our emissions and introduced new measures to reduce them. Once we’d shrunk our footprint, we invested in the initiative’s multiple projects, all of which aimed to lessen the number of carbon emissions cluttering up the atmosphere. The organisation funds amazingly diverse schemes from across the world, from reforestation in Nicaragua to converting rice husks into biofuel in Cambodia! With innovation and ingenuity, carbon offsetting is becoming a tool with which to heal our broken planet, re-growing devastated habitats and combating unjust social systems! These projects encapsulate our ambitions and match up perfectly with the kind of world we fight for at Brimstone.

Not Just A Carbon Neutral Company

We have completely offset our emissions through our work with Carbon Neutral Britain, a fact independently verified by external organisations, but we are confident that this is just the first step among many towards creating and protecting a safer and fairer future.

Our ambition to become a carbon-neutral company wasn’t a business tactic or something to tick a box. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment, we are adopting more sustainable business practices, supporting charitable initiatives and pursuing partnerships with sustainable suppliers, creating an environment where individuals and businesses can feel empowered to make a difference.

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