It’s that time of year again, when you shut down your laptop or pack up your tools, clocking off for a longed-for Christmas holiday! We trust it will be safe, happy and restful, looking back on a year of challenges and successes.

A Sustainable Season

Positive change doesn’t stop at Christmas! A better world needs big clearance projects and small eco-friendly measures, like our new e-card innovation. We’re kickstarting the Christmas holiday period with an e-card, ditching cardboard for a digital alternative. It’s not lacking in colour or creativity and advances our efforts as a responsible, carbon neutral company!

We’ve been on a journey to become fully carbon neutral, finally achieving our goal in June 2022. With the help of Carbon Neutral Britain™, we’ve slashed our emissions and diminished our carbon footprint through their off-setting projects. Some of these projects also have a massive impact on combating unjust social systems and improving both safety and quality of life. It couldn’t be more apt; a vision for a better, safer future is at the heart of Brimstone.

Climate change is worth fighting, especially for those in this industry. Climate change causes unstable weather conditions, which can cause landslides. These displace UXBs and force people to relocate to unsafe areas. Exceptionally high temperatures can even undermine munitions and cause them to explode! We encourage you to come back after the Christmas holiday, full of enthusiasm for battling CO2.

An Unconventional Christmas Holiday

Christmas isn’t always the picture of peace on earth, especially for UXO specialists! EOD teams have been called out multiple times over the Christmas holiday, with one team called out on Christmas Day 2020 to examine a wartime munition on a Portsmouth beach. It was dealt with by a controlled explosion, leaving the rest of the day free for the residents to go about their festivities.

The same could not be said for those in Augsburg, Germany. In 2016, a Second World War bomb was unearthed during a construction project, with an evacuation scheduled for 25th December. 54,000 residents were evacuated, while 2,500 personnel worked tirelessly to clear the area and defuse the bomb. It wasn’t a conventional Christmas holiday, but we’re inspired by the commitment to creating a truly safe living environment.

The Year So Far

This year’s been full of challenges, but also successes! We want to thank everyone for their support, as we cleared a grand total of 49 metric tonnes of UXO. That’s stupendously heavy!

We’ve worked across the country and across continents, finishing the second year of our four-year Cowden contract. This old air weapons range is still littered with munitions, especially as an eroding coastline is depositing thousands onto Mapleton Beach. There’s been an estimated 300,000 practice bombs on the site, just waiting for our disposal experts!

At the same time, we’ve sent a team all the way to Israel, where they’re working with the HALO Trust. HALO works to end UXO contamination, empower communities and plan ahead for sustainable development, which our team is helping to achieve. It consists of advanced explosive engineers, carrying out quality assurance to keep everyone safe.

We’re spending the Christmas holiday looking back with pride and satisfaction for everything Brimstone has achieved! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Brimstone!


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