It’s been a spectacularly busy year, packed with exhibitions, surveys, assessments and explosions. Over the past 12 months, we’ve cleared a grand total of 49 tonnes of UXO, a stupendous achievement. This statistic really gave us some perspective, so we’re stepping back with a numerical round up of 2022, to see just how much we’ve done this year.

A Round Up Of Finds

The UK is littered with UXO, from disused military sites and wartime bombing. You only have to look at our workload from 2022, where all manner of people sought out our services.

Throughout this year, we’ve discovered no less than 72,000 UXO, some detected individually on different occasions, some found and cleared as part of our massive Cowden project. There’s an estimated 300,000 practice bombs on this site, but we’re working through them with superior efficiency. What’s more, this is only the second year of a four-year contract, so Cowden will doubtless feature in our round up of 2023 as well. 

We don’t just deliver disposal services at Brimstone UXO. We’ve delivered over 500 risk assessments and cleared over 1,500 hectares of land using state-of-the-art equipment, including drones. Once we’d discovered unexploded ordnance using this innovative technology, we turned to safe and effective clearance. This included 250 kg of explosives, set off across 15 different sites.

2022 has been far from dull, especially for us! 

Down On The Ground

It goes without saying, but none of this would be possible without our expert engineers, who have collectively worked 38,000 hours to make UK sites safe. That’s the equivalent of more than 1583 days! We’ve been expanding to match our rapidly growing workload, and next year promises to be even busier.

Our round up includes a dramatic 168% two-year increase in order volume, testifying to the amount of UXO out there and our reputation. Our team have worked all across the country, with our offices helpfully based in Rochester, Stratford-upon-Avon and Cowden, near Hull. However, we’re not just limited to British projects, with a 100% two-year increase in overseas deployments as well! 

For example, we’ve sent a team of advanced explosive engineers all the way to Israel to work with the HALO Trust. HALO deals with the current problem of UXO and helps to create a future for those living in the area, from teaching safety to creating jobs. Our team is lending vital support in their demining mission, giving expert quality control to ensure safe and effective clearance. 

Our Community

We’re not only about work done at Brimstone. Any review of the year needs to include our staff, training and role in the industry. For example, Brimstone reported an astonishing 9/10 for employee satisfaction. Rest assured, we’ll do everything within our power to make it 10/10 for next year’s round up! In the meantime, we’re constantly training our teams to handle anything that could be thrown at them, with 650 training courses completed this year. 

Education is central, but not just for us! All kinds of industries come across the risks posed by UXO, from geology to transportation, construction to consultancy. We’ve put in appearances at Geotechnica and the Kent Construction Expo, joining with specialists from every part of the industry. We demonstrated how we can start shaping a safer future, while our UXO Awareness Course educated the construction industry on the risks associated with UXO.

As you can see, this year has been absolutely packed! We enjoyed a much-needed break at Christmas, but now we’re back to it, creating a better, safer world for everyone. 

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