Uxo risk assessment

If you’re in charge of a project that involves groundworks, be it humanitarian, governmental or commercial, you need to consider the possibility of there being a buried UXO onsite. In which case, UXO risk assessment services are exactly what you need.

UXO stands for unexploded ordnance and includes any explosive device or military ammunition that has failed to act as intended. Although your mind may leap to undiscovered WW2 bombs, in reality, the risk could come from a whole range of different types of ordnance buried anywhere in the country.

Brimstone offers four different kinds of services, but before getting into surveys and extensive excavations, we recommend undergoing a UXO risk assessment to determine the likelihood of UXBs hiding beneath the surface; it may be that you do not need anything further than an assessment.

A Historical Approach

It’s true that most parts of the UK are at low risk of an unexploded ordnance. However, when we take into account the sheer amount of bombardment and military engagement we’ve seen as a country, a UXO risk assessment is the only responsible move before getting a project started.

First, we’ll begin your UXO risk assessment with a preliminary evaluation. Our experienced research team will delve into the historical context surrounding your site by using an array of primary and secondary sources to evaluate the likelihood of unexploded ordnance (UXO) contaminating your land.

This process can give you results within 24 hours, despite the fact we never use automated systems to determine the outcome. We will provide a risk rating and recommend further action depending on our findings. Get in touch for a cost-effective preliminary assessment, the swiftest way of discounting the possibility of an unexploded ordnance in your area.

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A More In-Depth Service For Military Sites

If a preliminary investigation identifies the need for greater research or if your land is a former military site, then we will launch a more detailed UXO risk assessment. As with our preliminary UXO risk assessments, we analyse the effect of allied and enemy action in addition to that of modern construction and human factors. This process follows a more in-depth evaluation model and determines other details, from the types of UXO likely to be found in the area to the depths they could have penetrated.

With this extra information and deeper level of investigation, we can offer you a more extensive summary of risk mitigation options to protect your project.

Quantitative UXO Risk Assessment And Other Services

For a truly specific result, we use sophisticated mathematical models to calculate the exact level of risk for your site. By taking into account ground disturbances and the density of bomb attacks in the area, we can give you an actual percentage probability of there being a UXO on your land! These results are incredibly helpful for deciding your next move.

You may have already had a UXO risk assessment and in that case, we offer excellent follow-up services, including surveying, investigation and disposal services. Alternatively, we can use our expertise to conduct a peer review of work carried out by another company; as a Ministry of Defence-approved contractor, you can be confident of our ability to evaluate their research and conclusions.

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Enquire With Us

Visit our website to enquire about our risk assessments and to learn more about the process. If you are unsure how we can best help you, you can use our handy online tool to find the right service. 

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