At Brimstone we offer assessment, survey and investigation services using a multitude of new technologies, yet one question remains – what happens when our services actually turn up an item of UXO? This is where Brimstone comes into its own as an expert bomb disposal contractor, removing, transporting and/or destroying potentially dangerous items.

As a Ministry of Defence-approved UXO clearance and munitions disposal contractor, we can carry out clearances in multiple locations across the country, using a mixture of explosive and non-explosive measures to restore the area to safety. 

Explosive Bomb Disposal

As counterintuitive as it may seem, sometimes the most effective way to dispose of a dangerous item is with an explosion. 

With ‘high order’ electric firing systems and plastic explosives we can cause a controlled detonation, during which time we set up protective works and manage the demolition site in a way that protects both people and infrastructure. 

We are also one of the very few companies with a license to purchase, store and operate explosives, meaning that we can carry out efficient bomb disposal by acquiring suitable devices and storing them inside our sophisticated magazine, which can be swiftly and safely transported to site. The devices are then deployed in short-notice demolitions. Such operations are relatively common – in one year we destroyed more than 3,500 UXO items in over 100 explosive demolitions. 

Alternative Means

Our bomb disposal repertoire also includes non-explosive measures. For example, we can use state-of-the-art techniques to safely destroy the UXO without an explosion. With thermal lances and various charges, we can cause dangerous devices to deflagrate (rapidly combust).

One option, depending on the nature of the situation, is to remove the explosive from your premises via our partners, who use specialist mobile demolition chambers. We provide demilitarisation services on consultation, extracting a whole range of munitions from your property and taking them away to be given end-of-life treatment, at a safe location far away from you, your colleagues and your project. 

Bomb disposal on cowden beach by brimstone

A Wealth Of Experience

At Brimstone we have an excellent track record for bomb disposal, across large projects and individual demolitions. 

For example, we cleared a populated area threatened by more than 3,500 individual UXO items. We carried out over 100 demolitions throughout the project, often destroying up to 200 items in a single day as we sought to ensure that the 80,000 cubic metres of ground we processed were totally free of contamination. Grenades, rockets, fuzes and sea mines were among the hazards we eliminated at the Burntwood site.

RAF Cowden has also provided us with a four-year disposal operation, removing the UXO contamination that regularly washes up on Mappleton Beach near a former military air weapons range and RAF site. In addition to these extensive projects, we also carry out numerous short-notice demolitions across the country.

Enquire With Us

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