We kicked off 2023 with an incredible level of activity, with our engineers having visited 25-35 sites every single week! Our January has been packed with assessing, surveying and disposing, a sure sign of a big year ahead.

The Year So Far

As soon as we’d returned from a much-needed break, we were off! Refreshed and recharged, we got down to business with a variety of projects.

We’ve been continuing to deliver widespread clearance on a former MoD firing range, detecting, recovering and eliminating a broad range of unexploded ordnance. We’re also deploying specialist rigs in the North West, conducting intrusive surveys prior to piling activities. Before these activities disturb the ground and any potentially hazardous objects, we arrive on the scene with our rigs, which use magnetometry to detect any anomalies. If our geophysicists decide that the data is consistent with unexploded ordnance, we will start discussing the next stage of UXO investigation.

Meanwhile, we’re carrying out risk assessments on over 160,000 hectares of land across the defence training establishments, determining the likelihood of contamination. With every completed assessment, we are fully qualifying the risk on a given site, which is vital information to carry forward when deciding on the parcel’s future use.


Winter Days

Winter brings its own challenges, from strong winds to thick ice. However, there’ll be no snow days for us in 2023!

Surveys are a vital part of UXO risk management, exploring beneath the surface to detect buried ferrous objects. Thanks to our investment in the latest technology, we can operate this service in all weathers. For instance, our rigs are mounted on a crawler undercarriage, supplied with tracks to take on difficult surfaces in an icy or frost-bitten landscape. They then use a cone to penetrate the ground with the aid of hydraulic pressure, where it collects data from the surrounding area.

The other kind of survey is non-intrusive, and can make use of state-of-the-art drone technology! We’re proud to use JUNO, a UAV equipped for delivering surveying and detection in difficult-to-reach locations. The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) acts as a platform for powerful sensors, detectors and effectors, enabling fast, cost-effective surveying in rain, wind, hot and cold climates.

Looking Ahead At 2023

Of course, we’re only at the beginning of 2023. We’ve got big plans for this year, from on-site work to behind-the-scenes business development.

2023 will see newly streamlined business processes and further improvements to our carbon footprint. We’ve been carbon neutral since June 2022, thanks to our work with Carbon Neutral Britain™, but there’s no end in sight when it comes to our environmental goals! We also plan to start offering new services, related to UXO and non-UXO matters, so watch this space for Brimstone updates!

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