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It’s been a whole year since we launched our online UXO training course! This is the only awareness-level course in the UK, responding to a clear need in the construction industry for on-demand, accessible training. In the first year, over 650 individuals have completed the course, developing their knowledge of UXO risk and how to respond to UXO incidents.

Supporting The Construction Sector

Created by our UXO specialists, this training course is ideal for anyone working in construction and associated support services.

We navigate UXO risks in conjunction with our clients, giving vital support to anyone whose work involves groundworks. From surveying to architecture, our assessments, surveys and investigations are essential for safe projects, protecting workers and the wider community from the risk of unexploded ordnance. Our training course is tailored to those in the construction industry, where uncovering UXBs is an ever-present possibility. Some sites anticipate UXO contamination, such as old military bases and testing sites, but due to two world wars and the Blitz, any development could turn up an explosive.

Our course is an excellent way to educate the construction industry, available to site workers, managers, developers and professionals. We teach candidates about the risks of UXO, why it might be present and how to respond to a UXO incident, helping them feel confident and prepared as they go about their work.

Content Is Key

The industry is constantly evolving, which is why Awareness for the Construction Industry is fully available online. You can develop your understanding of UXO and the associated risks in your own time, rather than cancel a day’s work and head to a busy, in-person course.

The in-depth course has been created by industry experts, with information from decades of commercial and military experience condensed into five core modules:

  • Context of UXO and Bomb Disposal
  • Regulations, Legislation and Guidance
  • Explosions and Energetic Materials
  • Introduction to Explosive Ordnance
  • UXO Risk Management Process

This is a quality course for risk management, approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM). They specialise in courses for risk-related disciplines, from security to health and safety, guaranteeing a quality resource. It’s also certified by Continuous Professional Development (CPD), experts in the integrity and quality of industry training courses. If you’re looking to advance your construction career, our course is a clever move!

Expertise From Across The Globe

Many of our staff are recruited directly from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, bringing us the latest military knowledge. Their experience and expertise allows them to carry out first-class mitigation work, working alongside our specialised in-house geophysics teams.

We also provide continuous support and training for our own staff, so we know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to employee development. We’ve channelled that into our training course, creating something accessible, relevant and informative.

Expanding Our Training Services

Did you know, we now also offer IMAS level 1 and 2 training?

Launched earlier this year, this exciting development follows the UK governmental assurance we received in 2021 for our service delivery and builds on our vision for a world safe from the risks of unexploded ordnance contamination. Our course instructors are former British Army advanced EOD operators, with their years of military experience equipping them to deliver first-class training. Created for those who want to make a difference, start a new career or build on past military experience, our courses meet the Test and Evaluation Protocol Competency Standards.

If you are looking for explosive ordnance disposal training, you can find further information and book your place here.

Booking Your Training Course

Ready to upskill your knowledge of UXO? Book onto our training course today!

When we’re not creating quality resources, we’re clearing sites of UXO through risk assessment, surveys, investigations and disposal. Take a look on our website or contact us to enquire.

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