Workers carrying out maintenance on a water main near Walberswick have encountered a WW2 mortar bomb.

On arrival at the scene, the bomb disposal team closed the road whilst they identified the item of unexploded ordnance. The device appears to have been a British 2″ mortar, likely of the high explosive type as indicated by the red stripe. 

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Ww2 mortar bomb
The mortar bomb on the left is how this unexploded mortar bomb would have looked originally
How did this WW2 Mortar Bomb get there?

Just south of the unexploded ordnance find, a former army battle training area (Dunwich Training Area) previously existed. During the war years, military training areas were forced to expand as the country was flooded with Allied armies.

It is quite possible therefore that this recent WW2 mortar bomb find is the result of military training beyond the boundary of Dunwich Training Area.