A WWII 1kg German incendiary bomb has been found in a Maidstone section of the River Medway.

The “fisherman” used an increasingly popular magnetic fishing technique to pull the unexploded device out of the water.

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1kg german incendiary
A surviving example of the b1 ez bomb, complete with tail fin.

Of all the bombs dropped on Britain by the German air force of WWII, these small devices were the most numerous type. The Thermite incendiary material  burned at extremely high temperature, setting fire to any combustible material in its proximity.

This example is the standard B1 EZ type, which weighed 1kg. There was also a 2kg variant which incorporated a small high explosive anti-handling charge.

All over Britain, these bombs caused thousands of fires and were even responsible for the largest conflagration since the Great Fire of London.

1kg german incendiary
A german he 111 bomber drops small incendiaries in this wartime sketch