Industry science is fast becoming the gear that turns our rapidly changing world, from software engineering to geophysics. At Brimstone, we’re privileged to perform practical science to make a difference, with our UXO workers putting their knowledge to use solving real problems, ones with life-threatening consequences. No quantum mechanics or string theory for us – a career in UXO is always tangibly useful, whether you’re behind a computer or out in the field.

Practical Science At Work

There’s a whole wealth of UXO jobs out there, from fieldwork to the technical team, with numerous opportunities to train, develop and release your full potential. The obvious wielders of practical science are the operations team down on the ground, performing surveys, investigations and disposal work, clearing contaminated areas in the UK and abroad.

We recently sent a quality assurance team out to Israel with The HALO Trust, ensuring all clearance was carried out to the highest possible standard. Not only are our employees protecting the lives of numerous civilians, but the partnership with HALO also helps to aid sustainable development, create new jobs and achieve stability. It’s an excellent overseas opportunity to remove lingering dangers of the past and help cultivate a thriving future for communities.

On the other end of the line, you have our head office, where technicians and physicists put their knowledge to work to locate hazardous objects.

Promising Careers

Our EOD personnel are recruited from the British Navy, Army and Air Force, with their years of military experience equipping them to carry out their first-class mitigation work. However, everyone has to start somewhere, including our technical experts, so we welcome students to join us for work experience, the perfect opportunity to dip their toe in the world of UXO clearance.

In the last year, we’ve helped a student discover the behind-the-scenes work of the technical department in our head office. The word ‘office’ might seem completely opposed to practical science, but it’s our geophysics team that processes technical data gained from surveys, using their in-depth knowledge to determine the likelihood of an unexploded bomb concealed below the ground. Their technical drawings and data analysis are vital to Brimstone’s work, which is why we’re delighted to be joined by a brand-new Junior Geophysicist as part of our technical team expansion. With our support and continuous training, who knows how far he’ll go? He’ll have our utmost dedication to his wellbeing, starting with a ‘Cost Of Living Allowance’ added to every salary, regardless of seniority or time working with us.

From Technical Exec to Senior Specialist, Consultant to Quality Control Officer, we’ll continue to commit to your financial security, job satisfaction and professional development!

UXO Awareness Course

We navigate the risks of unexploded ordnance in conjunction with our clients, who are working to clear sites before they begin the groundworks of their project. They may not be seeking a career with Brimstone, but it’s crucial that they’re as prepared as they possibly can be, before calling in our experts to locate and dispose of potential UXBs.

Our UXO Awareness Course educates members of the construction industry in key aspects of UXO risk associated with construction, including site workers, managers, directors and professionals. The course consists of five modules of in-depth information, certified by CPD and approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Our practical science knowledge is vital for hundreds of industries, which we provide by a mixture of online courses and our esteemed services. We even offer a second opinion, with our third party peer review, making sure that your land is 100% safe.

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