We’ve deployed a team of UXO specialists to MOD Shoeburyness to support a flood prevention scheme on the island.

This is a highly complex site. Not only is it a live firing range, but our research has found there could also be high levels of German UXO contamination to contend with.

A long-term project

This is a long-term project that first started two years ago, with Brimstone having previously completed risk assessments and push-cart surveys on the site along with providing consultation services.

We developed a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy which involved utilising existing UXO risk assessments, reviewing ground investigation information and producing response procedures and methodologies for undertaking the work. Following this, we recommended the site be spilt into sections whilst utilising a combination of services to mitigate the risk of UXO.

The work is all part of a MOD project to improve sea defences in Shoebury and Foulness Island. There is a risk that the weapons testing range could flood if repairs are not carried out. The work includes raising the sea wall through piling, improving flood bank stability and access track improvements to allow better maintenance to flood defences.

Deploying engineers to site

Once the UXO risk had been identified we were able to deploy our engineers to undertake four separate services to support the work taking place. Each service had been specifically selected depending on the known UXO risk, the ground composition, the ground intrusion depths, and the nature of the intrusions being made for the main construction programme.

One of our teams has been conducting a search and clear for the proposed access tracks. This involves systematically clearing lanes using search equipment, marking, excavating and logging targets as they present.

Another team has been conducting a non-intrusive survey and subsequent target investigation for areas where ground intrusions will be shallower than 4 metres. This involves using state-of-the-art equipment to detect ferro-magnetic anomalies. The technical data collected is processed in-house by our geophysics team and the engineers on the ground then go on to investigate any modelled targets.

Our final team has been undertaking intrusive surveys for ground intrusions that are deeper than 4 metres. We have two rigs on site for this work, one of which is a Brimstone crawler rig, and the other an excavator-mounted rig.

Items of UXO discovered at MOD Shoeburyness

Our explosives engineers have discovered multiple items of ordnance on site during their work, including a 105mm HE projectile and a 28lb solid shot. These were safely disposed of by the MOD.

Our teams will continue mitigating the risks on site, as we work towards providing the client with their ALARP certificate, enabling them to progress with the essential flood defence work.

Uxo found at mod shoeburyness
105mm HE projectile found at MOD Shoeburyness

UXO risk mitigation services

This project at MOD Shoeburyness has included our full suite of UXO services, from assessments and surveys to investigations and disposals. We have also been able to provide consulting services to the client when required.

If you are looking for UXO support for your project, reach out to our commercial team today to discover how we can work with you to mitigate the risk of unexploded ordnance.

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