This month marks an important milestone for our rig fleet as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Honey Badger joining our team. We wanted to take a look back at where our rig has been over the past year, its remarkable discoveries and where it’s off to next!

The history behind Honey Badger

For those of you who are new here, Honey Badger is one of our cone penetrometer testing rigs. Built and shipped from the Netherlands, we use the rig for our intrusive UXO surveys to clear sites before large-scale excavations or intrusive works take place.

The rig is a box-like container mounted on a crawler undercarriage and it detects suspicious and potentially dangerous objects beneath the surface. It does this by using hydraulic pressure to push a hardened metal cone into the soil. The cone penetrates up to 20m below grow level, where it uses magnetometry, a passive sensing technology, to sense rogue objects.

The rig is named after Captain Phil Nolan, an ex-Royal Engineer Search Advisor nicknamed ‘the Honey Badger’.

What has Honey Badger discovered so far?

Over the last 12 months Honey Badger has been all over the country, attending sites in Exeter, Swansea, Folkstone, Glasgow and Liverpool just to name a few!

Among the notable discoveries made by Honey Badger during its first year are two 50kg German air-dropped bombs and one 250kg air-dropped bomb. These findings serve as a testament to the rig’s effectiveness in locating items of UXO, highlighting the importance of thorough UXO surveys in ensuring the safety of construction and excavation projects.

Honey badger rig on site

Where is Honey Badger heading next?

As we head into the summer months, Honey Badger has a busy few weeks ahead!

Currently deployed on an ongoing scheme in Deal, located in the Southeast of England, Honey Badger will continue its important work there before moving on to sites in Bristol and central London.

Uxo intrusive survey

Our Intrusive UXO Surveys

UXO surveys form a vital part of the comprehensive services we provide to support clients in mitigating the risks associated with unexploded ordnance.

Alongside intrusive UXO surveys conducted by Honey Badger and other rigs in our fleet, we offer a range of additional services including assessment, investigation, and disposal services, all employing innovative technologies. By leveraging our expertise in this field, we strive to ensure that projects can proceed with safety and confidence.

Get in touch with our Commercial Team

If you are embarking on a new project or have an upcoming site that requires UXO support, get in touch with our dedicated commercial team. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they will guide you through the process, providing valuable insights and working with you to find the best UXO risk mitigation solution for your site.

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