A bomb disposal squad was called after an unexploded bomb was found dumped in a Lincolnshire ditch.

Crews were called to Kirton in Lindsey on Friday, March 17, following the discovery of the shell.

Luckily, the 6ft long, 500lb American bomb was a dud, and is believed to have been dropped onto the marsh.

Steve Ladds, who lives on Eleven Acre Lane, half a mile from where the bomb was found, went to investigate after a neighbour told him what had happened.

He told Lincolnshire Reporter: “Our neighbour rang us on the Friday night telling us that a bomb had been found about half a mile away from us – we didn’t believe it.

“We called there the next day and spoke with the bomb squad who had been there through the night making sure it was safe.

“It was a 6ft long 500lb bomb.

“I went to have a look and I couldn’t believe it! Thankfully it was a dud, if not the consequences of it going off would have been enormous.

“I think the bomb had been found on the marsh and it had been dumped with rubbish in the ditch. The bomb squad took it away on Saturday, March 18.”

An RAF spokesperson said: “There was no harm to anyone and 513sq recognised it for what it was. It is thought it was picked up and dumped where it was found but there’s no apparent reason for why that has happened.”

– Lincolnshire Reporter