A bomb disposal squad has been called after an unexploded bomb was found in a Lincolnshire ditch. Luckily, the 6ft long, 500lb American bomb was a dud, and is believed to have been dropped onto the marsh. Experts have said it could have been there for years without anyone noticing.

Experts have called the discovery of the bomb a “mystery”.

The RAF said it is a practice bomb which dates back to the cold war, or post-cold war, while a defence expert said he believed the bomb was either dumped after being stolen from a range, or landed in the ditch after it was dropped using a parachute.

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The UK is home to thousands of tonnes of unexploded ordnance, from practice shells to wartime bombs. We navigate the risks of unexploded ordnance in conjunction with our clients, who are working to clear sites before they begin the groundworks of their project.

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