The German city of Potsdam has evacuated 3,000 residents, as construction workers unearth a 500lb bomb dropped during WWII.

Police shut down the area while experts defused and removed the American made bomb. 

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500lb bomb
A USAAF bomber drops 500lb bombs on Germany
Another 500lb Bomb – Germany’s Unexploded Bomb Problem

The post-war evacuation of tens of thousands of Germany’s citizens is not an uncommon event. This incident takes the tally to 192 unexploded bombs discovered in the Potsdam area since the end of the war. The last American 500lb bomb discovery in Potsdam was back in July.

Germany’s largest ever evacuation occurred in September 2017 when 65,000 Frankfurt residents were removed from their homes and businesses; the result of an RAF bomb. The weapon in question was one of Britain’s heaviest models, a 1.4 tonne high capacity type, colloquially referred to as a Cookie.

The U.K faces a similar threat. In February, a German 1,000lb bomb find temporarily closed London City Airport.

How can this specific threat be mitigated?

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