Explosive ordnance clearance team at the former air weapons range Cowden recovers a record-breaking amount of ordnance from the year in year two of the contract

In February 2021 Brimstone won a seminal contract to clear the unexploded ordnance contamination from Mapleton Beach in East Riding of Yorkshire. Site of a former air weapons range, combined with some of the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, thousands of munitions have been deposited onto the beach from the former clifftop targets.

Our Cowden team delivers a full-time presence on site, dealing with munitions that pose an immediate threat to life within hours, and frequent planned demolitions to help alleviate the problem of the estimated 300,000 practice bombs on site.

Brimstone clearing munitions from Mapleton Beach

Work is well underway for the second year of the four-year project, and the team is going from strength to strength. Total recoveries in the first month have already reached 32,481 individual items of UXO beating last year’s record of 2,682!

The contract was awarded in February 2022 and is for a four-year period. Brimstone is the only UK government assured explosive ordnance clearance and conventional munitions disposal contractor and carries out explosive demolitions on a weekly basis.

Brimstone is a leading provider of UXO risk management support, including explosive ordnance disposal, conventional munitions disposal, preliminary UXO risk assessment and detailed UXO risk assessments, intrusive and non-intrusive UXO surveys, UXO safety brief, UXO watching brief and borehole clearance. If you need specialist UXO support reach out to the team.