A bomb that was discovered at Solent Airport has been destroyed in a controlled explosion, the Royal Navy has confirmed. The item was discovered by a contractor during construction works on a new substation at Swordfish Business Park.

The six-metre World War Two Canadian pipe bomb was removed as part of an overnight investigation by the Navy’s specialist bomb squad. It was then taken to a “controlled environment” and destroyed.

A 100m exclusion zone was set up in the area where the item was discovered, and residents were told to stay indoors and not open their windows.

UXO contamination in the UK

UXO contamination in the UK comes from a range of source, including enemy action in WW2 and UK and Allied training and manufacturing.

You can learn more about the types of UXO found in the UK on our blog here.

Avoiding surprise UXO discoveries

Unexploded ordnance continues to pose a significant challenge to construction and development projects across the UK and overseas. If you have a new or upcoming construction project and you want to get your site accessed for UXO risk, reach out to our team.

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