At Brimstone, our passion for technology and innovation drives our mission to revolutionise UXO risk mitigation. We firmly believe that technology holds the key to swiftly and safely addressing UXO contamination issues, whether through the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or the utilisation of state-of-the-art drones.

Our commitment extends both domestically and internationally as we embrace bleeding-edge solutions to shape a safer and brighter future.

Mitigating From Above

Thanks to our amazing tech, we don’t always need to disturb the ground to detect anomalies, especially with our modified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

UAVs, often referred to as drones, are trailblazing innovations with a long list of applications, including construction, military, farming and UXO risk mitigation. We use our drones as a platform for sensors and detectors, letting us fly over difficult terrain searching for unexploded ordnance.

Our drone fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art Lidar and Photogrammetry systems. These cutting-edge technologies enable us to capture precise 3D models, detailed terrain mapping, and high-resolution imagery. With Lidar and Photogrammetry, we unlock a wealth of data and insights for projects.

In addition to Lidar and Photogrammetry, we also use Magnetometry to detect ferrous materials and map magnetic signatures. Our Magnetometry capabilities help identify potential risks such as buried metal objects or items of UXO.

Our drone surveying methods are incredibly efficient, allowing us to cover large areas in a fraction of the time compared to traditional surveying methods. We can also access challenging or remote locations with ease, providing comprehensive surveying solutions in diverse environments.

Brimstone is incredibly proud to have been the first company, both within the UK and abroad, to market UAVs for UXO surveys, and we continue to develop our systems to ensure maximum benefits for our clients.

Uxo risk mitigation

Advanced Survey Rigs

When blind ground intrusions are proposed, such as when a development is utilising piled foundations, the ground may need to be surveyed prior to the commencement of drilling. To accomplish this, we have three state-of-the-art rigs which can be deployed across the UK. These rigs are named Honey Badger, Red Fox and Handsome, paying homage to Brimstone call signs and former Army Captains who served with our founder in Afghanistan.

These rigs are boxlike containers mounted on a crawler undercarriage, ideal for traversing challenging terrain. Once they’re in position, they use hydraulic pressure to push hardened metal cones into the soil, where they use magnetometry to identify fluctuations caused by ferrous metals. German air-dropped bombs were manufactured using ferrous material, typically iron, meaning our rigs our ideal for identifying these potentially dangerous objects.

With the capacity to penetrate depths up to 25 metres beneath the surface, our rigs deliver comprehensive site-wide clearance. Their three-dimensional sensing system garners an expansive trove of data, facilitating groundbreaking UXO risk mitigation.

Intrusive uxo survey

Transformative Deep Learning for UXO Risk Mitigation

Brimstone remains committed to creating a safer world through technological advancement. Deep learning, an amalgamation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is at the core of our transformative initiatives.

Leveraging data and algorithms, machine learning empowers us to enhance the capabilities of our surveying equipment. Currently, our team is immersed in an exciting endeavour —developing a model capable of differentiating between UXO and non-UXO hazards.

MOSAIC is our cutting-edge artificial intelligence software designed to transform the field of UXO detection. Traditionally, the process of UXO identification has been time-consuming, with data processing taking days or even weeks to complete. With MOSAIC, however, this paradigm is radically altered.

Our software will enable instant analysis of raw data, empowering you to obtain actionable information in real-time. By processing an impressive 200 data points per second, MOSAIC surpasses the limitations of conventional methods, providing quick and accurate results that save valuable time.

The outcome is enlightening, providing greater detail and narrowing down investigation requirements. From a client’s perspective, it reduces costs while turnaround times accelerate. Stay tuned as we continue developing this groundbreaking technology.

Building A Better World

At Brimstone, we’re committed to building a safer world by harnessing cutting-edge technology for effective UXO risk mitigation. We have the capacity and capabilities to safely identify and remove UXO risks, on time and within budget. If you would like UXO support on your site, please reach out to our dedicated commercial team.

You can also head to our website to learn more about our UXO services and keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.