In the fast-paced, dynamic world of construction, ensuring the safety of your team is paramount. Unexploded ordnance (UXO) poses a significant risk to construction sites, and ensuring your team is well-prepared is of vital importance.

That’s where our online UXO awareness course comes into play, offering valuable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for construction professionals and managers alike.

Understanding the risks of UXO

Our UXO CPD course begins by shedding light on the potential risks posed by UXO on construction sites in the UK. From wartime bombs to abandoned munitions, participants gain crucial insights into why UXO might be present in their work areas, including on sites where they might never suspect that UXO contamination is a possibility.

It also covers important regulations and guidelines that should be followed, which is of great importance given there isn’t any specific legislation relating to UXO risk management in the UK.

Knowledge is power, and this foundational understanding empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions while on the job, ensuring the safety of all team members and the wider public.

Responding to UXO incidents with confidence

In the construction sector, swift and confident responses to unexpected situations are vital. This course equips candidates with the knowledge needed to respond effectively to a UXO incident. It provides clear guidelines on immediate actions to take, emphasising the importance of promptly notifying professionals trained to handle UXO. This newfound confidence can make all the difference in ensuring the safety of your team and the success of your projects.

Uxo cpd

The value of CPD in construction

Continuous learning and professional development are essential in any industry, and construction is no exception. Our UXO CPD course offers a unique opportunity for construction professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge on what can be seen as a niche topic. Completing this course not only adds a valuable credential to their CV, but also demonstrates a commitment to safety and excellence that is essential in this sector.

We are proud that our course has been approved by the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management and certified by The CPD Certification Service, highlighting the integrity and quality of the information provided to delegates.

One of the standout features of our UXO CPD course is its flexibility. We understand that construction professionals have demanding schedules, which is why our course is available on-demand. This means your team can access the training at their convenience, allowing for minimal disruption to your project timelines. Whether it’s a seasoned worker or a new recruit, our course can be adapted to their learning pace and preferences.

Benefits for individuals and the entire construction team

By investing in our UXO CPD course, you’re not just enhancing individual skills; you’re safeguarding your entire construction team. A well-trained team is a safer team, reducing the likelihood of accidents and costly project delays. Moreover, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your team is prepared to handle unexpected situations is invaluable.

We strongly believe our UXO CPD course for the construction industry is a game-changer. It provides a comprehensive understanding of UXO risks, equips professionals to respond confidently to incidents, and offers flexible on-demand training that fits into busy construction schedules. Being the only course of its kind, it sets the standard for UXO awareness in the construction sector.

The in-depth course has been created by industry experts, with information from decades of commercial and military experience condensed into five core modules:

  1. Context of UXO and Bomb Disposal
  2. Regulations, Legislation and Guidance
  3. Explosions and Energetic Materials
  4. Introduction to Explosive Ordnance
  5. UXO Risk Management Process

How to book our UXO CPD course

Invest in your team’s safety and help us make construction sites safer by enrolling your operatives on our UXO CPD course. You can find more information on our website here, or you can reach out to our commercial team if you would like to make a group booking.

Alongside our UXO awareness training, Brimstone also offers UXO safety awareness briefings as a stand alone service. These briefings involve one of our UXO engineers coming to your site to talk to your team about general risks and hazards, basic UXO identification, and actions to take in the event of a UXO encounter.

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