Earlier this year, Brimstone won a competitive tender for a 1,300-hectare UXO survey in Lithuania. We have now deployed our team to site, where they are using our state-of-the-art UAV to survey the land and identify anomalies.

The project scope

Our team are based south of Vilnius, working on behalf of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, to clear an area of land near an active military base. The area is being developed into a new military training area and requires surveying before any development work can begin.

UXO surveys are technical site-based services that explore beneath the surface and detect buried ferrous objects. They come in two key forms, intrusive and non-intrusive, with different methodologies available depending on the ground types and proposed ground intrusions. For this particular site, we are undertaking a non-intrusive survey using our UAV.

Lithuania uxo drone survey

Operating in the field

We have opted to use our UAV for this survey for a range of reasons. Time, safety, and budgetary constraints are a factor in all construction-related projects. Drone systems routinely deliver superior survey coverage, surveying up to five times as many hectares in a single day compared to the traditional push-cart system.

Drone systems are also highly suited for difficult-to-access areas, and are resistant to rain, wind and hot climates. As we are working on a large site in variable conditions, the drone was quickly identified as being the best option for this project.

Due to the remote and rural location, the team have also been utilising Starlink internet to operate in the field. This has been essential in enabling our team to send the survey data back to our Head Office in the UK in real time. Our in-house geophysics team have then been processing this data, looking for any anomalies which could be unexploded ordnance.

Lithuania uxo survey

Working towards ALARP sign-off

We are expecting to be on site for the next few months. We will be providing regular updates on the project’s progress on our social media channels.

Once we have finished surveying the site, and all anomalies have been investigated, we will provide the client with an ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) certificate and demobilise from site, leaving the Lithuanian Armed Forces with the reassurance that their site has been thoroughly assessed for UXO contamination.

Brimstone Operations Manager, Jock Forde comments:

“Brimstone’s success during the tender process for this project highlights the stellar reputation we have earned, not just in the UK but globally, as a leading UXO contractor. Our technical team have spent countless hours working to bring to market, and then further develop our UAVs for UXO surveys, and it’s great to now be using this technology on our largest survey to date.

“I’m happy to see the significant progress we have already made thanks to this innovative technology. It’s all down to the hard work of our team here on-site and our colleagues back at our Head Office in the UK.”

Global UXO services

At Brimstone, we are proud to be the UK’s only Ministry of Defence assured UXO company. We retain a number of security cleared individuals, hold Section 5 authority, as well as licences to acquire and keep explosives in two counties. This makes us an ideal contractor for sensitive sites, with some of our recent work including visits to MOD training sites, former air weapons ranges and the Houses of Parliament.

We provide global clients with unambiguous explosive hazard management, from UXO risk assessments and surveys to investigations and disposals. We also offer UXO awareness training and consultation services on request.

If you are embarking on a new project or have an upcoming site that requires UXO support, please get in touch with our dedicated commercial team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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