An area of Hornsea has been cordoned off after the discovery of a suspected explosive device.

An RAF Explosive Ordnance Disposal team is on its way to the scene, close to Long Beach caravan park.

RAF Cowden

The cliffs around Hornsea and Mappleton had been used by the RAF during the Second World War for target practice and a number of ordnance devices have been found over the years.

A spokesman for Bridlington Coastguard said: “A bomb disposal team is on its way to the area and we have the Hornsea Rescue Coastguard team on site.

“We are not sure what the item found is at this stage but it isn’t unusual to find old explosive devices round there.”

Humberside Specials tweeted: “Cordon in place in with @HornseaCG due to found unexploded ordnance.”

The device was found on the beach at the high water mark but no one from the caravan park has been evacuated.

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