UXO Consulting

Brimstone Site Investigation can offer Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) consultancy services within the following areas:

  • UXO Threat and Risk Assessment
    1. Stage 1 Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment
    2. Stage 2 Detailed UXO Risk Assessment
  • UXO Surveys
    1. Intrusive UXO Surveys – Utilising a CPT rig with a mag cone to survey to Bomb Penetration Depth (BPD) or a drilling rig to survey sites with either access issues or difficult subsurface soil types.
    2. Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys – utilising the latest in survey software and equipment, Brimstone Non-Intrusive Surveys can provide UXO risk mitigation to greenfield sites in order to target focus the UXO Engineers during the UXO Investigation stage. False colour images and map overlays are provided at this stage.
  • UXO Investigation
    1. Following an Intrusive or Non-Intrusive Survey, Brimstone will utilise qualified Geophysical Engineers to analyse all the data received and inform the client whether a ferro-magnetic anomaly looks suspicious or not. If the anomalies need further investigation, Brimstone will recommend to task qualified former military bomb disposal operators to manage the UXO Investigation on site.
  • UXO Disposal
    1. The final stage of the UXO Risk Mitigation cycle is the UXO Disposal. Dependent on the type of UXO found will depend on the disposal method utilised. If needed however, Brimstone holds a License to Acquire and can explosively dispose of UXO (site and UXO located specific).
  • Peer to Peer Reviews
    1. As is the norm in the international demining sector, peer to peer reviews ensure quality standards remain at a high level, not as common in the UK however, still a good benchmark to ensure that your UXO Risk Mitigation Consultant is carrying out your UXO mitigation contract to the correct standards and guidance.

UXO Audit – Quality Assurance and Quality Control

In addition to our UXO Risk Mitigation Consultancy services, Brimstone Site Investigation can act as the client representative in a Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) capacity that fits in with the client works programme.

As is deemed best practise internationally, QA/QC should be implemented in tandem with UXO clearance activities.  Brimstone Site Investigation can ensure that all third party UXO contractors are carrying out UXO risk mitigation works to the required standards (CIRIA C681) and that the client site is being made fit for purpose.

If your organisation has been informed or you believe your project needs a UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy, or you have concerns over aspects of your project. Do not hesitate to give Brimstone Site Investigation a call; one of experienced operators will be able to discuss your needs in detail.