Local Police have received reports of WW1 unexploded ordnance found dumped in a skip in Guisborough, North Yorkshire.

On arriving at the scene, army bomb disposal experts identified two artillery shells and a grenade of WW1 vintage. The army subsequently destroyed the items during a controlled explosion.

Ww1 unexploded ordnance
An army explosive ordnance disposal (eod) engineer removes the ww1 unexploded ordnance from the scene

Why was this WW1 unexploded ordnance found in a skip?

When servicemen and women return from conflicts, it is not uncommon for them to bring home souvenirs. Surprisingly, soldiers well aware of the associated hazard occasionally bring back unexploded ordnance. As a result, some EOD engineer call outs are to the homes of people who have inherited such items and aren’t necessarily aware of the danger.

In this instance, the grooves cut into the driving band at the base of the two artillery shells tell us that these munitions have been fired but have not exploded. Therefore, these items are in a potentially more dangerous condition than unexpended shells.

The most common WW1 finds are artillery shells, grenades and mortar bombs. In the UK, Police often receive calls regarding such finds during attic or garage clear outs. However, residential back gardens can also yield WW1 unexploded ordnance. One likely reason is concerned residents burying such souvenirs rather than dealing with the authorities.

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