‘Unexploded bomb’ delivered to sugar factory in Bury St Edmunds in sugar beet load

The bomb squad were called to the sugar factory in Bury St Edmunds today after an ‘unexploded bomb’ was delivered in a sugar beet load.

Police were called at 12.10pm this afternoon, Tuesday November 15, to the British Sugar factory on Hollow Road close to the Tesco roundabout.

A police spokeswoman said: “We were advised the bomb disposal squad took something away with them.

“It looks to be an unexploded bomb.”

She said no site evacuation took place and there were no road closures in the area.

Police and the bomb squad had left the scene by 3.45pm.Mike Blowers, factory manager at British Sugar in Bury St Edmunds said: “Today at the Bury factory a small piece of military ordnance was delivered within a sugar beet load.

“It was separated from the beet in our stone removal system, isolated and then dealt with by the Royal Logistics Bomb Disposal Unit.”

– East Anglian Daily Times