Following customer feedback and extensive work by our research team, we are delighted to announce the launch of Expedited Detailed Risk Assessments (EDRA) at Brimstone.

This new service has been designed with our clients in mind and will enable individuals to understand the UXO risk on their site in a faster, easier to digest way.

What is an Expedited Detailed Risk Assessment?

An Expedited Detailed Risk Assessment is an alternative to our Detailed Risk Assessments (DRA). It is still considered a stage 2 UXO risk assessment, but it has a faster turnaround time and contains more concise information which makes it easier and quicker to understand.

Despite having a faster turnaround time, this service will cost the same as our usual detailed risk assessments. This is just one of several ways clients will benefit from this new service.

The similarities between a DRA and EDRA

There are lots of similarities between a DRA and an EDRA. Firstly, both risk assessments conform to CIRIA C681, meaning no matter which service you receive, you will be following industry guidance.

Secondly, both risk assessments undergo the same detailed research process by our in-house research team. They will obtain, verify, and analyse the same sources of information, regardless of the type of assessment. At Brimstone, we never use automated systems to generate our risk assessments. Instead, we rely on primary and secondary historical sources and expert evaluation to keep your projects moving along. This also means the quality of research is consistent across both types of assessment, with identical risk frameworks used.

Finally, both types of assessment will contain risk levels which are fully justified and evidenced, giving you peace of mind that the recommended further action is accurate and relevant.

The differences between a DRA and EDRA

While there are many similarities between a DRA and an EDRA, there are also some differences which have all been designed to benefit clients.

Firstly, a DRA will contain background information and UXO industry context throughout the document. In an EDRA, this information is provided in a separate supplementary document, meaning it’s out of the way but still there when you need it.

Similarly, a DRA will have site specific information detailed throughout the document, whereas an EDRA will feature this information front and centre. The EDRA will be concise and to the point, making it easier to digest, understand and then progress with your project.

Another key difference is the EDRA does not contain any figures such as images or maps. This is one of the ways we keep the document succinct. These figures are still available, you will just need to contact the commercial team to request them.

Finally, as mentioned before, an EDRA has a faster turnaround time, and it also has a new design!

Uxo risk assessment

Identifying opportunities to benefit our customers

The EDRA has been designed to benefit both new and existing customers. The process our research team undertakes to create an EDRA is very similar to a DRA, but the way this research is presented will be better suited for some of our clients.

The information is arranged in a way that is easier to understand, is more concise, and conveys the key information and outcomes as a priority over the more detailed contextual and background details. This means you won’t have to read through the entire document to get the information you need (unless of course you want to!)

On developing this new service, Commercial Manager, Adam Tanner comments:

At Brimstone, we are passionate about identifying opportunities to benefit our clients. The EDRA will enable individuals across the country to progress with their projects quickly and safely, knowing that they are mitigating the risk of UXO and keeping their operatives safe.”

Our UXO Risk Assessments

Put simply, if you’re looking for a fast, concise and to the point report, an Expedited Detailed Risk Assessment is perfect for you. If you would like a more in-depth document with detailed site specific explanations, maps and imagery included, you will require a Detailed Risk Assessment.

We also offer Preliminary UXO Risk Assessments, which have a turnaround time of 24 hours and take an overview of your proposed site and investigate any military activity on or near your land.

Need help deciding what assessment is right for you? Get in touch with our commercial team to discuss your requirements.

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