Builders working on a construction site in Gloucestershire have discovered an unexploded bomb. The site was evacuated and roads through the village of Hatherop were closed after the discovery of the mortar round.

Explosive ordnance disposal officers from the Army carried out a controlled explosion of the mortar round at the site. The road was reopened shortly afterwards.

Previous UXO Incidents

It’s not the first time the bomb squad has been sent out to recover WW2 munitions.

In November 2015 the Army was sent to a home in Stroud where a grenade was discovered, and in April 2014 there was a false alarm after a gas canister was mistaken for a grenade in Gloucester. The team was also sent to a business estate near Gloucester city centre when fake munitions were believed to have been the real thing.

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Builders find unexploded bomb at building site