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Holbeach and Donna Nook_


Brimstone collaborated with Landmarc to provide explosive ordnance clearance and conventional munitions disposal on two active air weapons ranges.

Brimstone collaborated with Landmarc to deliver explosive ordnance clearance (EOC) and conventional munitions disposal (CMD) services on two active air weapons ranges, commissioned by Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

These ranges, situated on the East coast, have been pivotal training grounds for UK, USAF, and NATO forces since 2008, serving as crucial facilities for RAF and NATO allied aircraft practising bombing and strafing runs.

Over a six-month period, our engineering teams, equipped with off-road vehicles, undertook daily EOC and CMD operations across 225 hectares of varied terrain, encompassing six distinct areas, including mudflats and salt marshes. They tackled a range of operational challenges during this time, including navigating tidal access limitations, as the ranges were only accessible two hours before and after high tide, contingent upon wind strength and direction.

Holbeach and donna nook

Disposing of practice bombs

During the course of our deployment, our engineering team successfully located and cleared a diverse array of practice bombs, with over 300 items being found at Holbeach alone. Items certified as free from explosives (CFFE) were safely relocated, while those deemed unsafe to move were disposed of in situ.

Throughout the project, Brimstone successfully mitigated hazards and risks associated with UXO on both ranges, achieving an As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) standard. This ensured public access could be safely maintained, alleviated the burden on local emergency services and mitigated reputational risks for the Ministry of Defence.

Our collaborative efforts with Landmarc exemplify Brimstone’s commitment to precision, safety, and effective UXO management, contributing to active military training grounds’ overall security and functionality.

Holbeach and donna nook Holbeach and donna nook

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