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Marine UXO

Brimstone Site Investigation Marine Division is able to provide a multitude of technical marine solutions to ensure that your project is safe and free of explosive remnants of war. Brimstone, in association with CDMS is able to provide a complete marine service, starting with desktop studies, through to marine surveys, target investigation and removal of any identified ordnance through diver intervention.

A seamless integration between sonar data, ROV investigation, and diver intervention ensures that your project can go ahead with a minimum delay and downtime.

The marine project team have a combined diving experience ranging nearly two hundred years, with Diver Medic Technicians available for every project and all overseen by former Royal Navy Clearance Diver personnel.

Services available:

  • Side Scan Sonar – Able to give a visual image of the seabed, perfect for seeing any immediately obvious potential targets such as items laying on the seabed itself or slightly buried.
  • Towed Magnetometer – To detect magnetic ferrous signatures from potential items that may not be immediately visible.
  • ROV fleet with high resolution sonar and manipulator, capable of quickly and accurately assessing objects
  • A vessel fleet ranging from a large crane barge, 23′ work boat, RIB and low mag signature aluminium safety/work boat.
  • Dive team – A reliable, safety conscious and experienced dive team. Ready to deploy at short notice and under all conditions.
  • Marine UXO Risk Assessments – Bespoke detailed UXO Risk Assessments to take into consideration; historic UXO contamination in a given area, scope of proposed works, and risk consequence of UXO detonation.

Brimstone Site Investigation Marine Division operates in accordance to CIRIA C754.