Global UXO Risk Mitigation

Conforming to local governance with regards to managing Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation and disposal, Brimstone Site Investigation can provide our global partners clear unambiguous risk mitigation strategies to safely alleviate UXO risk. Working closely with our clients, Brimstone can provide:

  1. Cost Efficient UXO risk mitigation strategies created by former Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operators from the British Army. Strategies created are bespoke to each individual project as each project is risk assessed with regards to types of UXO expected, what the project aims to achieve, when the project is to achieve its aim, and what the end state should look like.
  2. Timely Solutions centred around the client need so that project remains within the programme timeline. Dedicated solely to the Global project, our professionally qualified project managers will ensure your UXO risk mitigation needs are managed and communicated effectively and efficiently throughout.
  3. Safely Managed UXO solutions by operating a modern and flat operations structure enabling clear, concise communications throughout Brimstone. This enables SOPs and best practise to be relayed quickly and without hindrance. In addition, Brimstone only employ qualified and competent Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operators, mainly from the British Military.


  1. Battlefield Area Clearance.
  2. UXO Risk Mitigation via Intrusive or Non-Intrusive methodologies.
  3. Desktop Studies; Non-Technical and Technical UXO Surveys.
  4. UXO/Mine Awareness Training.


Brimstone Operators have deployed globally to assist in the effort of mitigating the risk of UXO, deploying battlefield area clearance techniques for large open expanses to more refined target investigation techniques for UXO specific site investigation.

brimstone map Global


Throughout overseas clearance operations Brimstone will always operate to three standards as a minimum and where appropriate.

1. International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).
2. CIRIA C681 – Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) A guide for the construction industry.
3. Local Governance and Guidance (E.g. Directorate of Mine Action (DMAC)).

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